Party Female Magician

Female Party Magician

No matter what your party is for why not give it the wow factor and ask Miss Direction to come along to entertain your guests and really get the party started with her amazing close up magic. If it’s a high end party you’re looking to plan and want to throw one that your guests will remember and want to throw in a bit of glamour, ┬ámaybe a 40th birthday bash that will top your friend Abbeys that you went to last month that she hired a live band for. A magician is perfect for this, you needn’t tell your guests about the entertainment let it be a complete surprise, there’s nothing better than turning up to a party and an unknown person infiltrating a group of people that suddenly starts busting out some magic moves (especially when you’re a female magician, people never believe that that’s your profession).

It will get people instantly surprised and wowed, people will look at the huddle of people clapping and whooping (hopefully) and wonder what is going on. It creates a real buzz and a show business feel around the room and sets a great atmosphere for the night ahead.

Having a magician at a party also cuts you a bit of slack, you can leave your guests to be entertained while you mingle at your own leisure. There is no need to walk round and hold Miss Directions hand, she can rock up with her bag of tricks and start to mix and mingle, wow people then slip off into the night leaving people left to discuss what they have just witnessed and discuss their conspiracy theories as to how the tricks are done. It is a great way to get people interacting with people they would never usually speak to, so if you have that weird Uncle your worried that won’t quite fit in at least he will have some common ground to start a conversation with Bob from work who will chat to anyone.

So why not get in touch with Miss Direction and see how she can help make your party stand out from the others.

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