Corporate Female Magician

Close up Female Magician

Corporate parties can become a bit of a bore, lets face it people mainly go for the free bar. If you go to a lot of them they can all blend into one. Organising an event can be really quite stressful and knowing what type of entertainment to make your party stand out and be remembered can be an almost impossible task.

Having a great magician at your event is a really exciting option. Who else could you get to walk around and interact with your guests or colleagues and wow them with sleight of hand. What other form of entertainment can make sure it gets people laughing, get talking and get hands on involved in the action? What other art form is transportable without having to set up a stage, a lighting system or a huge sound system? Close up magic is popular because, as long as you have people, it can travel anywhere, anytime.

Miss Direction at your party is a sure way to impress and entertain everyone.

Some people may have seen a magician before so choosing the right one for your event is important. Miss Direction can bring something completely different (and not just because she’s a girl) she can bring a bit of glits and glam, whilst her northern charm and sense of humour will make it fun and enjoyable for all.

There are different stages when Miss Direction can entertain your guests. You can have her walk around and show her amazing close up magic while your guests are having pre dinner drinks (the ultimate ice breaker) or if you are having a meal why not get her to show her outstanding table magic between courses.

Miss Direction performs magic with money, card tricks (of course) and can show you her mind reading skills.

Get in touch today to see how Miss Direction can help make your event a success.

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