About Miss Direction

Miss DirectionSo they’ve asked me to write about myself for this page. Well, I like make up, shoes and small dogs. I’m half Greek, half British and was born and raised in the greatest city of them all – Hull….. Oh, I think they meant I should tell you about my magic…

A few years ago I moved to London and started practising the art of magic. I have a mentor who teaches me everything I know. He is a top class, close up magician. I still practise several hours everyday and I love it. I became fascinated when I first saw him perform table magic and was keen to start learning tricks and performing on stage.

The last few years I have been learning how to make money disappear (I’ve always been able to do that!), card tricks, sleight of hand and even reading a few minds.female magician miss direction

I have also been fortunate enough to write and perform in magic shows that have been on at the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Hull Comedy Festival. I decided to make a career out of what I love to do and become a full time close up magician.

I am very proud to be working in this business as one of only a handful of female magicians. Being female gives guests that extra surprise at events, they never quite believe that I’m a magician and are even more amazed when they see my skills (especially as the nice dresses I wear don’t have any sleeves!).